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  • Open Gluteus Medius Repair

    pic Open Gluteus Medius Repair

    Open gluteus medius repair is a surgical procedure employed for the treatment of gluteus medius tears.

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  • Revision Hip Surgery

    pic Revision Hip Surgery

    Revision hip surgery is a repeat hip surgery performed in certain patients to correct the problems...

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  • Acetabuloplasty

    pic Acetabuloplasty

    An acetabuloplasty is a surgical procedure employed for the correction of a condition known as pincer impingement.

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  • Femoroplasty

    pic Femoroplasty

    A femoroplasty is a surgical procedure employed for the treatment of cam impingement.

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  • Femoroacetabular Osteoplasty

    pic Femoroacetabular Osteoplasty

    Femoroacetabular osteoplasty is the surgical reshaping of the protruding bony surface of the femur or acetabulum of the hip joint.

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  • Trochanteric Bursa Injections

    pic Trochanteric Bursa Injections

    A trochanteric bursa injection is a minimally invasive procedure in which medicine is injected directly...

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  • Ischial Bursectomy

    pic Ischial Bursectomy

    Ischial bursitis is bursitis affecting the buttock region.

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  • Hip Cartilage Repair

    pic Hip Cartilage Repair

    Hip cartilage is a white, tough, flexible tissue covering the ball (femoral head) and socket...

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  • Hip Capsular Closure

    pic Hip Capsular Closure

    The hip capsule is a membranous fold consisting of three major ligaments enveloping the hip joint.

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  • Hip Surgery

    pic Hip Surgery

    Hip surgery is a surgical procedure for the treatment of a hip injury or hip condition...

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  • Arthroscopic Gluteus Medius Tendon Repair

    pic Arthroscopic Gluteus Medius Tendon Repair

    Arthroscopic gluteus medius tendon repair is a minimally invasive surgical procedure employed...

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  • Femoral Osteoplasty

    pic Femoral Osteoplasty

    Femoral osteoplasty is the surgical alteration or reshaping of your femur (thigh bone).

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  • Hip Labral Repair

    pic Hip Labral Repair

    Hip labral repair is a surgical procedure to treat hip labral tears.

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  • Hip Preservation Surgery

    pic Hip Preservation Surgery

    Hip preservation is a surgery that overcomes the limitations of joint replacement.

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  • Hip Fracture Surgery

    pic Hip Fracture Surgery

    Surgical correction of a hip fracture is known as hip fracture surgery.

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  • Hip Microfracture

    pic Hip Microfracture

    Hip Microfracture is a marrow-stimulating technique that creates a network of small holes in the bone below...

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  • Gluteus Maximus Transfer

    pic Gluteus Maximus Transfer

    Gluteus maximus transfer, also referred to as gluteus maximus flap transfer (GMT), is a surgical...

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  • Hip Cartilage Restoration

    pic Hip Cartilage Restoration

    Hip cartilage restoration is a surgical technique to repair damaged articular cartilage in the hip joint...

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  • Hip Reconstruction

    pic Hip Reconstruction

    Hip reconstruction is a surgery to repair or replace a damaged hip joint that causes pain and limits your movement.

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  • Hip Labral Augmentation

    pic Hip Labral Augmentation

    Hip labral augmentation is a surgery to treat hip labral tears.

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  • Hip Labral Reconstruction

    pic Hip Labral Reconstruction

    Hip labral reconstruction is a surgery that involves the use of a graft...

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  • Sports Hernia Repair

    pic Sports Hernia Repair

    Sports hernia repair is a surgical procedure performed to treat a sports hernia, also known as athletic pubalgia.

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  • Physical Examination of the Hip

    pic Physical Examination of the Hip

    The physical examination of the hip by your doctor includes a visual inspection of your hip...

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